Polyether Silicone Oil

  • Polyether Silicone Oil RH-1210

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    Polyether Silicone Oil RH-1210

    Polyether silicone oil RH-1210Product Name:Polyether silicone oil RH-1210 Main Composition:PEG500 polydimethylsiloxaneSpecifications: Appearances: light yellow transparent liquidViscosity(25℃mm²·mpa.s Read More

  • Polyether Silicone Oil NB-6503

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    Polyether Silicone Oil NB-6503

    Polyether Silicon Oil NB-6503Introduction: Polyether Silicon Oil NB-6503 is easy to disperse in water and form stable,transparent aqueous emulsion.It is a reactive soluble organic silicone softener. T Read More

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